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Soft bags for 2018?

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Anyone have some soft bags they REALLY like for the 2018? bit disappointed that one my piece from giant loop doesn't fit well over the large seat and side handles.

best regards
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What doesn't fit about the giant loop bags? Too wide? Not wide enough? Too deep? Hitting the muffler?
I have Wolfman bags and Adventuretech's supports and they work great.
pfff. well in terms of giant loop i would say the side handles for the rear passenger are the major problem. i suppose i could remove them.

has anyone found a system that doesn't require adding a mechanical support bracket? what about a tank bag or a rear top case.
huh yeah i just checked. the side grab handles are integrated with the rear plate grid. looks like you have to remove the whole thing. which makes the back strap connections on the giant loop sketchy.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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