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So for the past few months, I noticed a small leak coming from the front sprocket area of my bike. At first, it really wasn't that big of a deal because I mainly park outside on the street, but it started getting annoying after highway rides, the oil would leak onto the exhaust and start smoking.

So I finally read up on how to replace the clutch push rod seal, the sprocket seal and the o-ring. I went out and bought all the tools (torque wrench and seal remover) and went at it last weekend. Now I've been checking for signs of the leak every ride since, and it seems to have fixed the problem. :thumbup: Thanks to the awesome article on, the job was way easier than I expected.

My '05 has 18.5k miles on it now, and I was reading up on maintenance, and I saw suggested a valve clearance check/adjustment. It didn't seem too bad, but I don't have the measurement tools... and a shim kit is like $100! How necessary is this job? I can't see myself paying someone else to do it for me (I could buy the tools and do it myself for the same price... and I would have a nice set of tools afterwards) but it seems like a more involved job. Sadly, I don't have a garage. Is it something that can be done in one afternoon?
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