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I did this last weekend with SV rider, and he loved it. I've done this ride 4-5 times now

This will be a LONG ride. We meet @ shell in Pasadena @ 6:45. Kickstands up @ 7am. We will be doing about 450 miles to get back to the start point.
Saturday, August 8th.

The FIRST stop is 140-145 Miles away in Lake Isabella for gas/quick breakfast. If you can't ride THIS in one shot, you're better off not coming with us.

From Lake Isabella, we'll be going all the way to Springville, CA (80-90 miles) and have lunch.

Then we follow the same route back. Those that want to can bail from springville to the 99 and take freeways back, or bail once we get back to Lake Isabella and take the 178 to Bakersfield and freeway back.

Here's the entire route

Google maps says it takes 11 hours to do this ride. I've done it in under 9.
It will be HOT. We did this last Saturday and it was 104 in the Shade in Lake Isabella. Once you go north from there, after about 15-20 miles you start gaining elevation, and it gets cooler (down to 75 last Saturday), but plan on HOT.

For those that are thinking of MAYBE coming. Let me entice you. This is just one half mile section of road. I count 42 turns/curves and 9 of them are hairpins. There's also about 600 feet of elevation change (down going to springville, up heading home) in just this half mile section.
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