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Smoothness? How much smoother do people feel the 650 is than the 1000?

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I'm curios how others see this balance of smoothness and power?
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Having had a 650 and now the 1000...

The 650 is sewing machine smooth. Kind of bland linear power. Wants to run at higher RPM.

The 1000 gets knocked for an agricultural feel. People that complain like that don't run the motor right IMO. Instead of short shifting it wind it out more. Keep it up above 4k and it's a smooth torquey motor.

I find that I ride a gear lower for the same speed on the 1000 vs. the 650.
650 smoother, quiet. New 1050 is electronically throttled back, so, it feels similar to old wee in first two gears. But 1050 feels more solid.
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My father started off on the 1k then went to the 650. I've ridden both extensively and the 650 is remarkably smooth, even for a v-twin. Really was impressed by how neat that little engine is.
the 1k felt like a tractor to me... lots of torque but vibrated ALOT more.
My dad felt the same thing, sold the 1k (bought an FJR.... NO comparison... that inline 4 is buttery smooth and fast) and kept the 650 and now its passed on to me. He bought them both new, the wee is a 2004.
I have a FJR and Vstrom 650 combo. Like them both depending on what I am doing. Both are very smooth but on Freeway, FJR rocks. On local roads Vstrom rocks.
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