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Had to ride down to vegas (2 hour ride) to go try on some helmets and was unable to time it to get into town before or after rush hour. Had to head out on (I think it was) 95 S to get to a shop that at least on the phone said they had a wide selection of helmets. Left lane was backed up bad, mirror check, head check, no one in the middle lane, I make a lane change and less than 100 yards down this lady in a little white crossover pulls out right in front of me:furious:

Hit the brakes, locked up the back and likely left a pretty good memory on the road. Pretty close to leaving skid marks somewhere else #puckerup

I have read a number of posts about upgrading the horn. I couldn't see why it would matter (other than cool factor that I tricked out my V again), but now I get it. Although the horn wouldn't have prevented the situation, I could have at least been more likely to snap her back to observant driverdom. Oh well. I now remember why I like living in a smaller area. Sucks to have to make a 5+ hour round trip just to try on helmets, but on a daily basis I don't have as many crazy caged drivers around because the population is lower.

Tried on helmets, have a new quandry, but hey...that's life. Anyway, that's my ride report.
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