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Recently (about 2,000 miles after changing over to synthetic oil at 20k miles) I started to notice that whenever I'm doing heavy acceleration (Only from a stop or a low speed, when I give it throttle on the highway or freeway it doesn't make the sound) I hear a single, metallic-sounding tick or ping. It's rather loud, only happens once per acceleration (And not always), and very bothersome.

Searching up some old threads I've seen the chain, cush drive, valves, etc. as reasonable explanations for metallic pings or ticks, but none of them make sense for a single tick that only happens once during heavy acceleration.

Also, because it only happens during heavy acceleration from a stop/slow speeds I have a hard time being able to reproduce it and pay attention to where its coming from. It kind of sounds like it's coming from the engine/transmission area, but I can't be sure.

Any ideas? Should I even worry about it?
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