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Purchased my new 03 Strompster there with Factory luggage attached.
Having alot of problems with top box not opening and parts flying off luggage while riding the very first day. Store ordered for me under warrranty to replace defective luggage system.

Even had a tall Windshield (8+ over stock) installed that was a template for a company going into the windshield business... First ride and the windshield was sliding out of the fairing. Had to black tape it inplace to get home. Company says it will replace it free of charge.. *That was very nice.
I will report further when it arrives. I am able to ride behind the Windshield with a 3/4 open face helmet.

*These occurances my Harley Ridin buddies thought very funny, as it was me and not them - Limping home with Black tape on both ends of my new VStrom.. Well the Bike ran perfectly and I have been treated
very well thus far from the Store.

The story continues
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