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My 2009 DL650 I lost my windscreen from the rough roads to Dawson City. Also developed a leaking fork from the Dalton Highway. I over packed...

I overpacked too. But I shipped a bunch back in a tote box when I got to Fairbanks.
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Bought a 2004 DL650 (aka "Vstrom Classic") a couple weeks ago, after being Vstrom-less less than a year. Guess I'm supposed to have one.

This is my third Vstrom overall, after the 2007 DL1000 and 2019 DL650.

Liking the E41 side cases. They'll fit a full face helmet, with the E36's I had on the DL1000 would not. And of course, neither would the Suzuki factory cases on the 2019.

I also have an E52 (Maxia) top case, it's just not on in this photo.

In some ways, the 2004 is better than the 2019 was, believe it or not.

Yes, I'd rather have ABS and the newer engine, but I also like a stock seat I can actually use.

Wind protection is better with the "fat" Gen 1 fairings, and I don't have the horrible buffeting problem I had on the 2019.

Owning a 2004 was not originally my plan, but a variety of things happened that made it make sense.

The sharp-eyed may recognize a Powerlet outlet in the left cowling. Haven't decided what I'm going to do with that. None of my stuff is Powerlet.
3061 - 3080 of 3090 Posts