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Show us your Wee! 2004-2011 DL650 photo thread...

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I think we need a Wee Strom Picture thread... how bout it???

this picture was from ... New Hampshire.. we left from Maine in the morning.. but Im guessing this point we are in NH.. great ride.. I had the only "big" bike there

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Thanks for the tour. You certainly get to some out of the way places.
Night Wolf, congratulations big time. Real purty lookin bike. Does this mean you really like 650's a lot ??
rhbell, I can see a big problem in the pic. The bike is clean and not moving.
rhbell, will be happy to meet you. Will also order good weather and fresh water for coffee.
Roninwva, load it some more, the front wheel is still on the ground.
Wow, that is one smokin ride. How many kms/miles from home to the end of the line ?? And how long did the trip take ??
Nice, now take it out and ride it. Gotta wear the new off.
looks to me like he has some plastic on there to keep the updraft from happening. It blocks wind to the legs.

Me too. Gotta know. Does it work ??
OK...I finally figured out what code to grab from the new and improved Flickr to post pics.

I put on some new TKC80's Friday evening and went for a ride Saturday to scrub them in. I absolutely love these tires!! I never thought the stockers were that bad, but I guess I was wrong. These are better on the road and on the gravel/dirt. Steering requires less input and the rear doesn't break loose in the dirt. I just hope they last longer than all the reviews I've read.:thumbup:

That bike is just begging for a side car and 2 wheel drive. A Japanese Ural would be neat.
1 - 9 of 3102 Posts