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took off late morning for a short scoot to church to run an errand, then to costco. my peer (but many consider her my superior...:wink2:) nominated AND elected me to buy groceries: steelhead salmon (yumyum!) and four single prepackaged ready-to-eat salads, plus a roll of tin foil.

i skipped the foil, estimating it wouldn't fit into my 33L givi topbox. phfft - it would have, easily; foiled again.

accumulated 100 miles on saturday, riding to the g-kids' other grandparents' house for a belated 4 yr b-day party for my younger one. gazillions of cars clogging the freeway(s). thank God for lane-splitting.

friend at church bought hisself a bran'-new v-max. i haven't seen it. his accolades told the whole story. his wife rides pillion, no fear. eek.
he sez for now it travels in a straight line from one gas station to the next, turning in high 20s mpg. he's hoping for mid 30s or more (or better?).

gonna try to roll a few more before dinner/supper, or whatever you wanna call it. real nice today, teasing 80F here within 2-3 miles of the shore.
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