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Short in wiring coming from clutch switch

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I bought a left over '06 wee in '08 and love it. Last year my bike fell over in the yard (left side) and the only visual damage that I can see is a broken front turn signal. It still works and I simply taped the lens cover back on the turn signal for a temporary fix. I didn't ride after that incident and the bike was put away for the winter. This year when I went to get the bike out it intermittently would not start, wouldn't even try. With a little bit of investigation, I found that I have a short in the wiring coming from the left handgrip. Meaning, that sometimes the computer is getting the signal that the clutch is depressed, and sometimes it isn't. When I bought the bike, I also bought an extended suzuki warranty. So, having said all of that, my questions are these; should I take the bike to a suzuki dealer and have them fix it?, do you think they will give me a hard time about fixing it?, will they say that I caused it when the bike fell over?, should I try to fix it myself?, or should I take it to an independent shop to be repaired?
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Crash damage, that's what it was, won't be covered by the warranty. Nobody should give you a hard time about fixing it. Stuff happens and you will be paying them to do the job. Decide the rest yourself based on information we don't have, like your skill level and that of local mechanics.
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