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Shopping (well buying shortly)

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New to the site, went for a grand adventure this summer, with my husband (who has a DL1000), that showed the need for my bike to be replaced with something with a little more adventure and a little less commuter. Current bike is a Kawasaki 650R which I commute on about 600k per week give or take.
Looking for information and feedback. We're looking at the Wee for me, as I'm a whopping 5'2" and I have been dubbed (fondly) the 'Flying Midget'. I can actually just put the tippy tips of my toes down on my husband's 1000 and could ride it as long as there was no camber to the road surface when I eventually had to a 650 with a dog bone and a seat mod I will be able to get a solid ball of the foot down and be comfortable.

Any other flying midgets out there with advice and 'things' learned!!!!

thanks t.
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Hi Kawgirl,

I ride a wee and I love it!! I'm 5'4" and had to lower the bike and do a corbin seat....I have about 10,000 miles on mine now. Fantastic bike...upright seating postion...can tour all day long on it. We just finished a 5100 mile trip a few weeks ago...Where on the west coast are you? If you're close enough, you could sit on mine and see how it fits me with any questions! Good luck..Melanie

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The stock DL650 seat is lower than the DL1000 and you can remove the rubber bushings under the seat to get you a bit closer to the ground.
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