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Shop labor costs in your market?

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Hi! Long-time member, but been awhile since I posted anything.

I just got the chain and sprockets replaced on my 2009 DL-650A at my local dealer.
I'd already purchased the Suzuki OEM "Drive Chain Kit" so the only expense was labor (and some cheap "shop supplies").

Any guesses how much it cost?

I'll save you the suspense: it was $475.

I know labor costs have gone up, but not too long ago I remember the rates at this shop (in Falls Church, VA, USA) were around $55/hr.
For this job, the labor rate was $160/hr, which included a $10/hr surcharge for "bikes over 10 years old."

What's an average cost/hr. for shop labor in your market? Has anyone noticed the rates TRIPLING in their area?

And before all the comments come to derail this thread – No, I couldn't do it myself; I live in a condo and have neither the place nor the tools to do this job.
There's an independent shop that's a bit of a drive and I could've had the work done there, but they're all booked up so I figured I'd just go to the Suzuki dealer who's close by. I mean, how much could it possibly cost?

Now I know.
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About $120 per hour but I have found an independent that is $60 per hour for easy jobs (straight cash, no "shop supplies fees etc.)

An independent Harley shop I use is $80 per hour.

I would have installed that chain and sprockets myself to save almost $500.
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