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Shift pedal rubber

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Flat after 25000 km
A new one costs 15€ by mail 😂
Do make one myself from rubber fuel hose
On my bandit 1250 exactly the same " flat"
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I certainly shift too much
Or the rubber does not tolerate mountain shoes 🫤
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Mine looks like that, but I have 74,000 mi.
Mine is like that and I've only done 4,000mls 🤔
I make them out of fuel hose also. They are smaller in diameter than the junk OEM rubber, so your boot slides under them better and they last quite well.

Can’t beat the price either.
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eBay! $3-4ish

Although I managed to knock the very end off it within 5 minutes of riding, it seems to be holding up. Made up of much harder rubber than what I believe to be the original.
I bet someone will insist that you must use FI rated fuel hose for high pressure aggressive riding.
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