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She's Home!!!

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After spending a few couple of hours at the dealer finalizing everything, she's home safe and sound...

On the really short ride I had, she responded beautifully.. It's definitely a different ride than I'm used to. The shifting and braking will require slight learning curve (my older pedals were much bigger, more forward and I had a dual shifter).. I also have to get used to the fact that the front end doesn't turn on this thing since it has an actual "body", unlike the C50..


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You'll like your new ride. I highly recommend some parking lot practice to get the feel of the Strom's high center of gravity. Most of the "naps" the bikes get are while stopped or moving very slowly. With a bit of speed our bikes are a dream. And with a bit of practice to give your body the muscle memory to keep 'er balanced and upright, every time on the Strom is a dream. Get crash bars.
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