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Hi All,

Just got home today from my first cross country road trip on my 2011 Wee I got a few months back. 24 days - 7,153 miles and I'm very impressed with the Wee. It's no Wing (my other bike is a Goldwing) but she equipped herself well and I'm almost done decking her out adding a Russell Day Long Trip while I was out west.

Anyway .. The story if you would like to read is here on my web page at the link below. Look under "Just Completed" It's in two parts. I'm pretty verbose in my journal so if you don't want to read the whole thing just enjoy the pictures ... I would recommend reading the last two days of the trip .... very exciting time almost caught in some very bad weather every motorcyclist should be aware of.

Good to be home ... very exciting trip with lots of challenges to overcome.


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