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Just thought I'd make mention of what practical items you can put in the a Shad SH50 topcase...

Last week I had to pick up some stuff... I had three 5-quart jugs and two single quarts of Motorcraft 5W20 motor oil, one FL-500 filter with wrench, and 10 boxes of assorted ammunition. Seems to have been roughly 50lbs. Wish I would have snagged a picture...

All that weight up that high certainly had a noticeable impact on the bike's handling. It was definitely more top-heavy when cornering and leaning, but the ride home was actually quite pleasant, given the frost heaved roads I have to travel. The extra mass definitely smoothed out the bumps. :)

And yes, I know the factory rack says not to exceed 22lbs... I think the case weighs close to that empty.
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