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the Shad SH-48 top case matches the Shad SH-36 side cases realy well. I chose the SH-48/SH36 combo for my own Vee2. Shad offers a bike specif mounting bracket for each opf the V-Strom models, but as you can see below, the universal mounting bracket lends itself to a wide range of options.

Here is input from a recent SH48 customer.

I Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my purchase, and thought I would send you some photos of how the installation turned out onto my PM racks large aluma rack.
I had to drill some holes into the rack to accommodate the Shad universal mounting plate and had to shift it back just a bit to facilitate attaching the Shad Plate. I also had to flip the PM rack so I could attach the shad plate. Admittedly, it does not look as smooth or custom as a bike specific mounting plate, but it does give me a nice tie off to attach my wolfman expedition bag, and still have the option to leave the Shad Bag off and just go with a soft bag for a day ride where there will be some off road. As I use it more, I may decide to shift to a custom top mount, but I really like the ease of removal and versatility the present setup gives.
I also am very pleased with how simply changing the lenses (color plates) on the GIVI V35 s made them look so much more compatible with the SHAD top Case. Finally, I really like the liners as it makes it so much easier to close and to open the side cases and not have things just fall out.
I appreciate your patience with me and the prompt service.

Photos coming soon
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