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SFS Barback Risers on a 650

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Recently acquired a new 650 and was not really happy with the ride comfort. I had the seat modified by Mean City Customs to alleviate the pitch toward the tank (which has worked very nicely BTW) and decided to try SFS Barback risers sold on Amazon. After looking at a bunch of options I settled on these primarily because they are supposed to be made of a stronger aluminum than the cheaper alternatives. While I certainly can not verify that I feel better knowing that I at least tried. These risers come from Turkey. I was concerned about longer shipping times but that became pretty much a non issue as they arrived quickly and well packed. Installation of these was a breeze. They have made a TREMENDOUS difference in allowing me to make this bike fit me better for my needs!! The bike almost feels as comfortable as a cruiser style bike. You use your original hardware to mount the risers along with the additional provided bolts to secure the top caps. ALL THE ORIGINAL WIRING AND BRAKE LINE FIT ! I had to loosen the 8mm bolt on the tree and slightly move the mounting block for the brakeline and I also had to undo two of the wire rubberband type holders otherwise this is an easy bolt on that makes a big difference is allowing you to set up your bike to fit you.
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Pics? Link to risers? How much rise? Do they pivot? I鈥檓 also in the market for handlebar risers but am looking at the Rox Speed FX 1R-AV2SEK Elite Series Anti-Vibration 2in. Pivot Risers - Black , Appreciate your feedback 馃檹
These are not the pivoting riser type. They simply bolt in place of the stock handlebar. They are like 1 " up and 1" back. Pretty standard stuff. The Rox Pivot Risers seems to be much more adjustable but also, as I understand, are a bit more involved relative to wiring and brake lines etc. I wanted as simple a set up as possible and really like the straightforward bolt on aspect without having to mess around much with the other peripherals. And, these were very competitive cost wise compared to the others $ 37. I'm really pleased with the results so far.
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