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There have been a few links to pirated manuals here lately. The pages are photocopied and bound with plastic. The lowest price I've seen in the USA for new genuine factory service manuals is a bit over $80. Much cheaper for a new copy pretty much guarantees it is pirated. and repairmanuals.com are legitimate sites. Most others are not. Check the binding. Those linking to pirate sites will be given infractions no matter how well intentioned. I got a reprimand myself in 2006 for trying to be helpful. Anyone posting links to pirate sites with less than good intentions will be banned. This site got in real trouble early in its existence for posting bad links. PDF and CD-Rom copies of factory manuals except the one legitimate source in Europe listed in the rules are all pirated. Here is a picture of a pirated copy.

Pirated copy. Note the plastic binding.

Genuine manuals are book bound with glued bindings and heavy stock that wraps around front, spine and back. Those printed in the USA have three holes.

Genuine copy.
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