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Background: I park my '08 Vee just inside the roll-up door. I stand next to the Vee when I lower the door to make sure nothing is going to hit and stop the door should I need to reposition. All was good last time I parked. However, I opened the Givi top trunk when the door was closed and I left the carrying handle up.
Fastforward to another day and I open the roll-up door from outside....and yep....the handle catches the lower part of the door....making a nice loud noise, followed by a stream of (#&^^@)(@_#^&#^(A$)&%^)(@&+)%$^&@) out of me.

Now the handle will not close.

Take case off of bike and small pieces fall out. Another stream of (#&$#&&@^%%$#()+[email protected]#&*^).

Proceed to take the latch off of the case, find the pieces, figure-out where they go, glue them back...they were just to hold the rear reflectors in place on both side of the handle.
However, there is a metal plate within that is bent. Begin to take the latch apart, go to take one shaft out, see the spring, ok....go nice and easy....just a little tug....and the shaft lets go all at once ..spring goes flying...somewhere!! This was the spring that brings the carrying handle come-up to be able to get to the push button to open the lid.

After two hours of searching my luck.

I am looking for a damaged Givi E52 top case, all I need is the latch...actually just part of the latch...anyone have one??

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A few years ago the GIVI topbox on my bike was broken into by levering the lock open. The lock parts were available from GIVI at a reasonable price. Give them a try, you may be pleasantly surprised.
Since I posted this and one in the Marketplace, I have been directed to Givi. They do not show the spring I lost, but do show a complete lock mechanism for much less than a new top case.
Going to continue my searching in the garage for that spring. If still gone, then I do have the alternative.

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Could try checking Tour & Ride website. I bought an individual latch piece from there once.
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HEY!....I found the spring. Only took another 1.5 hours of looking! Finally found it in a place I had looked probably five times before. Must have been lodged in something above and fell down as I was moving junk around.

Thanks to all that replied. This Forum is great!
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Call Givi.USA with the caee model number. I have been surpirsed at how reasonable replacement parts have been for damaged and worn items.

I got the spring back in, but something is still tweaked as the handle rubs on the lid clamp and the handle will not lock in the down position; the little clip that holds it down is now not aligned. I tried to bend the two metal ears that the handle rotates on, but if I bend them too much, then the teeth do not engage the dampner.
Decided to stop messing with it, ordered a replacement latch. Hopefully that takes care of it.
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