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semi-n00b in Sacramento

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Hi all--

I joined up, read the whole site, posted a couple questions about the possibility of scoring a leftover '09.... and then decided that I'd rather keep my BMW and add a KLR to the garage. Bad idea. Commuting and running errands on the KLR made me want something with more suspension travel, more wind protection and less width than my BMW and way better freeway manners than my KLR. Basically, I still wanted a V-Strom, but having spent the money on the KLR no longer had the cash left over for a new Strom.

After some searching, I decided to buy a well-maintained and nicely farkled 82k mile '04 Wee from the original owner in Seattle (it was cheap, too!). I made a road trip out of it, where I noticed that the Strom seems to be the single most common bike on the street in Victoria, BC, took a couple boat rides, rode the coast and generally had a blast. I still have plenty more left of the "bike fund" for other stuff, so even better.

I got home yesterday and immediately went to work taking the thing apart; I just posted a "how to file down your ignition lock" thread, and I pulled out the HID capsules that were vibrating and annoying me on bumps.

Next mod: a DL1k seat.

I'm guessing I'm not the only one in the Sacramento area?
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