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seeking CO mtn ride advice

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Colorado Strommers - could use your help! I may have several days in late June/early July during which I'm pondering a ride down into your mountain/old mining town areas. Rougly speaking . . .

Day 1: Missoula to SLC via I15 (to make time) or cut over to Jackson and head down via Pinedale.

Day 2: Get down into CO - Ouray perhaps.

Day 3: Explore . . . Silverton? Crested Butte?

Day 4: Explore

Day 5/6: Head back, perhaps back via Jackson and up into Yellowstone.

Like out of the way places, two lane paved or dirt/gravel backroads that go up over mtns, past old mining towns . . . old cafes or saloons . . . history.

Any advice/input would be much appreciated! Cheers!

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if I may....

I've ridden some of the major roads here in Colorado that motorcyclists tend to like.

The SanJuan Skyway is absolutely gorgeous and it involves some of the towns you mentioned such as Ouray, Silverton, Durango, this is out on the SW portion of the state. I wrote about those roads here: LINK

The road is open now all the way to the top of Mount Evans, the nation's highest paved road: LINK

The Trail Ride Road in the Rocky Mountain National Park has some gorgeous mountain scenery as well and is open for the season. Past ride.

Of course, there's always Pikes Peak, which you can ride all the way to the top, weather permitting. Past Ride

Several scenic byways worth your while:


The rock strewn Alpine Loop

The weather can change fast in the mountains, carry rain gear and a warm layer or two. It'll be mostly hot in the plains, 20+ degree cooler in the mountains.

Watch for gravel on the mountain curves, and unwary cagers around the blind curves....

Some of the more well known passes:

Independence Pass

Loveland Pass

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You guys are GREAT! Thanks bunches!! I may be delaying my trip a bit, whether into a bit later this summer or possibly even next summer, but your info will give me lots to look over right now and plan accordingly. I'm guessing rather than trying to take a week and sprint down/back from here, I'd better plan on closer to two weeks if I'm going to be able to stop and smell the roses, so to speak.

Let me know if I can return the favor at all up this way. See you in Boise if you're able to attend the West rally this summer. Cheers!! M
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