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Less of a question and more of a "testing the waters" kindof post. Hope that's ok. I want a substantial skidplate for my bike in case the worst happens. I've found the better ones require mounting to crash bars.

I've settled on a ravetech skidplate and givi crashbars:

Is there any skid plate that can survive being directly high-centered? Seems everything on Revzilla has at least one review of "crumples after one good hit." Open to options. I'm not looking to go off road much, but I'd like peace of mind knowing my bike could handle what I might throw at it. Weve got atv trails on land in Houston, and I've gotten atvs stuck over trees. Cus, building ramps is more fun than owning chainsaws. >_>


My research shows the givi crash bars put the front member in the same place as suzuki. Plus they're specifically listed as compatable with the skidplate. Aand they're exactly 1"OD if I want to add accessories. But mostly I like the look. Even better than OEM. So theres that.

Thanks for looking.

Edit: parts ordered. Feel free to delete thread.
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