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I've got an '08 Wee and have been toying with the idea of switching to a DL1000 seat for the extra approx .8 " seat height. Not interested enough to buy a new one but thought there might be someone in the same boat but looking to lower their seat height. Anyone with a DL1000 interested swapping a DL650 seat for a lower seat height?

Mine has about 7,000 miles on it but looks new. No rips etc.. I'd only be interested in swapping for one in same condition.

I'm only interested if we can meet somewhere to look at them, swap them, make sure they work and please both parties first. If not, no big deal.

I'm in Monument and would be willing to meet anywhere within a couple hour radius or so (maybe further if you are in the mountains ;) ).

Call me if you are interested..

Barry 719-494-7five60
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