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Seat comparrison

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I happen to find myself with 3 different seats, so thought I would post some pics showing some comparisons.

For my butt, I really like the Russell followed by the Sargent. The stocker kills me. I am 5'10", 30" inseam, 190.

Note that the Russell seat pictured is approx. 1" taller than a normal Russell (it was build for a guy 6'3").

I have had all three seats on fire roads and thought the Russell did just fine even though it is much wider. I found that when the going got tough I was able to scoot up and the nose of the Russell is not much wider than stock, so I was able to put a foot down when necessary.


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Very good comparison, combined with profile pictures. Pictures are worth a thousand words...
+1, really nice comparison photos.

Any comments between the Sargent and stock? I have a Sargent on my KLR650. It's not bad but it still has some funny pressure points for my butt after about 2-3 hrs in the saddle.

I'd like as seat that didn't lock you into a fixed position so that you could slide around a bit.

I'm leaning towards a Baldwin Saddle but I hate having to cut up my stock seat to get it. I wish Loren started with a new base and foam like Sargent does. Maybe I can buy a used seat to start from?
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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