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Seat comparrison

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I happen to find myself with 3 different seats, so thought I would post some pics showing some comparisons.

For my butt, I really like the Russell followed by the Sargent. The stocker kills me. I am 5'10", 30" inseam, 190.

Note that the Russell seat pictured is approx. 1" taller than a normal Russell (it was build for a guy 6'3").

I have had all three seats on fire roads and thought the Russell did just fine even though it is much wider. I found that when the going got tough I was able to scoot up and the nose of the Russell is not much wider than stock, so I was able to put a foot down when necessary.


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Those bucket style seats really only show their awesomeness, if they were done to your specific hip measurements. Kevdod musta got lucky on his sizing. Too wide, or too narrow, they just aren't going to feel right, or be that much of an improvement - except for the much firmer foam which is a 10x improvement over the marshmallow stocker.

The other downside to custom bucket style seats is that the break in process is longer than most people can endure without forming a bad initial attitude about their 'investment'. For it was only yesterday, after about 3 months of riding, that my 'custom to my measurements' Rick Mayer actually felt right and didn't bug me in all the wrong places. I'm beginning to understand why all the experienced custom seat users always stress the importance of waiting thru the break-in process before forming an opinion.
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