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I'm about to have my 20mm+ touring seat for my DL650 altered at a local upholstery shop for a basic cost.

What I have is gelled Butt buffer pad to install.

So here's my plan: keep the basic contours of the seat as original.

Place the gelled pad towards the back of the seat.

Over the pad I will have 3/8" piece of foam inserted. Just trying to figure out the density of the 3/8" foam I will use.

At the rear of the seat I would like a raised portion of 2". Like abolster. Something where the top of my butt could be supported into.

I do not agree with a dished seat. This reduces the area you can move around on the seat. I like to move from side to side on the bike improving the safety of high speed cornering. A dish seat creates an uncomfortable edge when your hanging off the bike.

So, any suggestions on altering the seat ?

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Seat Mods

Suzuki has made a super motorcycle. But it has a 4 hour range in the fuel tank, and a 30 minute range on the seat. I truly grew to hate that fecking seat.

I altered my seat last September. The local upholsterer is a biker too, so he understands. He cut the center out of my seat, and replaced it with memory foam. It has made an incredible difference.

I also bought a touring seat. For those of you out there wondering... Suzuki's touring seat is just the same old seat, except it has a taller profile. But I find it gives me a whole bunch more leg room. I put the stock seat away so I have it when I sell the bike.

Now, if I could just conquer that helmet buffeting problem....

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