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Screen yes or no

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I am new to water cooler motocycles and about the radiator. Do you think Strom needs a screen installed in front of radiator?
Many companies make them and cist between $25- 75. Are they a gimmick or do they really provide protection.
I trust all your wisdom here. I have learned much about the excellent Strom.
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Do you love your motorcycle? Do you want it to know you love it. Well then, you need to buy it gifts.

A radiator guard is jewelry for your motorcycle. Think of all the motorcycles running down the highway without radiator guards. If it was needed it would be there from the factory.

On the other hand, if you are going to be riding single track behind someone throwing rocks at you, well then, you are on the wrong bike. Or if you want to look like you ride single track or race Paris to Dakar, it will help (a little).
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If you ride chip and seal country
roads....get one ASAP!
My Givi Rad Guard has a few nasty dings on it.
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It can't hurt and could help with small rocks and debris. I feel better having a guard on mine, but we have not added one to wife's CB500X yet.
A better tread would be how many people have ever had a radiator failure because they didn't have a radiator guard.

You might find one. Might not. Might find a story about someone who read somewhere that somebody knew someone who had a problem.
It’s cheap protection. Why not?

I put a bunch of miles on my Strom without one and did get some dings in my radiator. Not enough to leak, but I might have gotten lucky.
I got a steel screen at a welding supply store, had them chop it to size, (8" × 13"), on their machine. Cost about $5, (YMMV), attached with double sided tape and 2 zip ties for luck. Hasn't moved for 5 yrs/44k miles. Probably not needed as there are no dents in it, but I clean bugs out periodically.
Office Depot sells a letter tray made out of suitable material....more or less.
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