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Has anyone successfully installed a Scotts stabilizer with the 2" Rox riser with their 1" riser extension? I've heard a rumour (that's like a rumor, only north of 49) that there is an thread for such an install somewhere on this glorious site but my search techniques are too pathetic to find it.

Migawd, I can't believe how much work it is proving to be to figure out a way to get a stabilizer on my Wee while still retaining a riser to get the bars closer to me for better ergonomics. I have:

- got the specs from Scotts for various dimensions on their stabilizer (which I posted on this site somewhere) and got involved with a discussion on this site that basically concluded that a pivoting riser with a length of substantially more than 2 inches but certainly less than 3 inches would probably work.

- waited for Blair to work with Genmar come up with a solution to the fitment problem. The upshot of this was that Genmar wouldn't or couldn't come up with a modification that would work.

- heard about MV Motorrad's 70 mm (2.75 inch) pivoting riser and waited for Blair to obtain a proposed distributorship with MV Motorrad so that I could source this pivoting riser through him. This proved to be impossible to set up for Blair.

- vainly tried to buy their overpriced 70 mm pivoting riser directly from the MV Motorrad on-line store. I just gave up after a month of emails in garbled English telling me its coming, it will soon be coming, maybe it will come in 14 days, it's still not coming because we just have so many new products to sort out, it's not coming but we have a new 50 mm riser that we can send you etc. Boy, I can understand why Blair never got anywhere with that lot.

So now I am wondering if Rox's 2" riser (either anti-vibration or not) will work if I bolt their new 1" extension piece onto it. Does anybody have any definitive information?

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