For sale: A Scott's steering stabilizer unit, road bike type (meaning it has rebound damping, as opposed to the "Dirt" version that doesn't). Includes a link arm appropriate for mounting it on a first-gen Vstrom DL1000. Scott's specifies the 2002-2009 model year range, though I don't know why it wouldn't work on a 2010-2012 DL1000 as well.

IMPORTANT: I do NOT have all of the mounting kit - only the handlebar clamp part. That is, the portion which secures the main Scott's unit (the gold colored box thingy) to the steering stem.

The "tower" part of the kit, which goes on the bike frame, is missing.

Why? The 2007 Vstrom DL1000 that previously hosted this Scott's unit was totaled in a crash last year. Unable to go to the junkyard myself, or get out of a wheelchair for the next 4 months, I got folks to salvage some parts on my behalf. The "tower" part of the mounting kit was left on the wreck. It may have been damaged anyway. Fortunately, the main unit (the expensive part!) was not harmed. It doesn't leak, and the control arm moves smoothly.

If you need service later on, I believe Scott's will still rebuild/repair old steering stabilizers for a fee, even though they no longer offer kits for Vstroms. Contact the manufacturer (Scotts Performance Products) to verify.

You might need a different link arm (the silver thing with a slot in it, on the underside) to use it on any DL650. For a non-Vstrom motorcycle, you will most likely need a new link arm plus the appropriate mounting kit. Ask Scott's if unsure.

That said, some pitchers:


This is a used item. I put around 15,000 miles on it. The unit never gave me any trouble, but understand that it comes with no warranty. No refunds, but if the item is genuinely lost or stolen in transit, I'll pursue an insurance claim on buyer's behalf. Item will be insured for full purchase price when shipped.

Shipping to lower 48 US states is included in the price. Carrier TBD, but probably UPS ground. Alaska and Hawaii buyers, give me your ZIP and I'll let you know whether I need to charge extra for shipping.

Payment via PayPal and USPS money order accepted. If using PayPal, please send as "Goods and Services" transaction, and add 3% for PayPal fees (total US$258).

PayPal fees are of course waived if you send USPS money order, in which case it's just a straight US$258.

I'm open to Canadian sales, but will have to charge you extra for shipping & PayPal currency conversion fees. In that case the price will be US$275 + 3% PayPal Goods & Services fee + 4% currency conversion fee = US$295, plus some additional amount for shipping. That extra shipping amount for Canada is usually on the order of US$20, but please PM me with your Canadian address for a quote.

Located in and ships from Albuquerque, NM USA.