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scottoiler setting

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I'm on a trip to CO and noticed the oil level on my oiler isn't going down much. I checked it on prime and that flowed well.

I usually run it on less than 50% but checked the drop rate and it was less than 1/min. Cranked it up a little (about 75%) and will check it later.

What setting are mostof you using? TIA Ian, Iowa
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I removed Scott Oiler from KLR650 before selling bike with plan to install on Vstrom. On KLR I would run at minimum setting and this was getting plenty of lube to keep chain lubed. I would also shut off completely about 20 to 30 miles before riding any dirt and until got back onto pavement. My advice would be to set oiler at minimum and just check chain for any sign of dryness. The Scott Oiler does not use much oil to keep chain well lubed.

I have decided to not install Scott Oiler on my DL1000 because off potential problem with too much lube resulting in dirt accumulation at clutch slave cylinder and subsequent clutch push rod issues.

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The setting depends on what oil you use, on the temperature, and on how much emulsified white gunk in in your oiler...

I use ATF.
Wen the oiler was new and clean, I ran it at just barely open in summer. and at 1/4 turn in winter (it's colder and rainier then).

Now that it's gunked up, it flows ok in sumer, but I have to lube my chain manually in winter (I can't open it more than 1/4 turn because of the way it's mounted)

You should have it set so that it drips one drop every two minutes, and maybe one drop a minute in the rain...
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