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Scotland Highlands

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Just got back from a driving (unfortunately not on my Wee) trip to the Highlands. Never have I seen such fantastic cycling roads. Lots of cycles-almost all sport touring. BMW -about 50% of the rides--lots of Triumphs--But a lot of Wees and Vees--more Vees. Those guys know how to ride and pass at speed--narrow twisties in the glen with short passing areas--and those riders pass at 100mph with no problem--ususlly in groups of 10 or more. My wife commented on my obviuos envy--many times, as I could not conceal it.
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I was there in September of 2006 with my wife and In-laws in a Toyota minivan. It would have been nice to have been on two wheels, except that it rained almost the entire time we were there. Beautiful countryside, great hospitable people and you can buy really good whisky for cheap at the petrol stations.

I'd love to get back there some day.
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