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If anyone wants to join, I'm heading out for a long ride on Saturday up to Calabogie and Barry's Bay to check out a few roads I haven't been on in a long time. It's going to be a a hot day, but will be beautiful up north.

2 other riders max, to keep the group small and safe.

Round trip from Mississauga will be around 1100km.

Leaving my house at around 6-6:30am while the temps are nice. Plan to be home by 7pm.

Pace will be responsible in the straights, respectful in the smaller towns and fun the corners. Definitely not for newer riders.

I'm bringing snacks / packing a lunch and will eat by the water in Calabogie or Barry's Bay.

Can meet anywhere between Mississauga and Peterborough if anyone is interested to join.

Post up or PM if interested.



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