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Out doing some work and staying here (fly and rent). Pull up after Dinner and 2 650 V-stroms Flat Black ABS and silver 09. Both with Bags (carabui and givi) and Give bars,GPS, and accessory shelves. Both complete with Iron-Butt stickers and plate surrounds. Both from More than 2 states away. One from NC and the other from Cali. I take it they are serious riders. They looked to be with a nice Beemer from NC as well.

I will drop a note off on the way out to the GYM in the Morning. Nice to see some High milage stroms about. After seeing a PAck of Goldwings at lunch and 10 Harleys with 4 ST1300 police bikes this morning. The Police bikes were from Gila River. Nicely decked out. Nice fellas.

I cuised the Casnio, but they there were no V-strom looking folks in there.

keep it safe and cool (blazing hot here). I suspect they will pull out in the morning (sun up at like 5:00 am).
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