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Just added soft saddle bags to my 2019 V 650.
I prefer soft because they are lighter, more flexible and much less expensive.
Most of the hard cases I research for this model require a key to open and close which I consider a pain - you know where. The small side compartments are perfect for garage door opener operation and quick stow away for glasses and phones. I am using Nelson Rigg expandable bags and was able to do it without lowering the exhaust. I still have an inch room even expanded and loaded.
They offer plenty of room. For touring I strap a dry bag with clothing to the rack and I can use all the saddle bag space for other stuff.

I couldn't have made it without the Saddle Bag Guards from AdventureTech.
Easy to install, they fit perfectly. No inward sagging. Money well spent.

Even with the guards this setup is about $200. You can't even buy a bracket for hard cases for that.


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