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Russell Recycled

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I bought a Russell Day-Long for my Kawasaki Concours in 2004. I put quite a few miles on that seat and bike. I kept the seat when I sold the bike.

Russell doesn't actually make complete seats. What they do is cut out a section of your oem seat and insert a pre-shaped "Russell" unit into the cutout.

The next bike I bought was a 2008 KLR650. I decided I would try try to graft the Russell into the KLR seat. I did and it worked out well. I was able to use the seat cover on the KLR that was designed for the Concours. It wasn't a perfect fit, but it was a KLR, after all. :mrgreen:

As before, I kept the seat when I sold the bike. I had visions of patching it into the V-Strom.

I bought a spare seat and started to cut. Here's the rough-in:

The seat is now ready for a new cover. The seat doesn't look much different from the last picture, but the voids have been filled and the edges blended. Also, interface material has been added to smooth and reinforce the filled areas.

The original seat cover was too small for the Strom seat, so I had another one made. Here's the final result.

I use the oem seat for commuting and shorter rides. The Russell goes on for the bigger mile days.

Ron :mrgreen:
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Nice job. It looks like it sits lower than a regular Russell.I love my Russell but I don't like the 1-1.5" height increase.

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Great work. Ingenuity at work. Now keep this bike! It ought to do what the Concours did as a tourer and can fulfill some light DS roles [almost] like a KLR.

That Russell must be great on long rides.
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