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Running an TW Front Tire and an Anakee Rear?

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Hey all,

I just picked up a nice 07 wee back in February. 4800 miles when I bought it. Since then, I've put on an additional 1200 (we had a few rainy bits!), so 6000 total (for those of you struggling with Monday morning).

Anyways, the bike was still wearing the factory Bridgestone TWs when I picked it up. The front had lots of tread left, and the rear still had decent tread, but was showing its age.

I figure I can probably get another 2000 miles from the rear and WHO KNOWS how much more out of the front.

I plan on taking a 2K mile + pretty soon here, but with residual riding in the mean time, I don't think the rear will live to make it all the way back. My plan is to start the ride on the current rubber, and when I get to Boston, swap out the rear for a Michelin Anakee.

My question is this: Do any of you have experience running a TW front with an Anakee out back? I'd like to swap at the same time...but I am a practical/economical guy, and I just can't wrap my head around swapping out the front tire when it still has life on it. Judging from current wear, it's going to make it to at least 10K miles. It isn't about's about not wasting a "good" tire.

Other than running TWs in general...Is there a significant safety concern here by mixing tires? I have heard of folks mixing and matching tires before, but I wanted to hear from you, my esteemed colleagues, on the effect of doing so on our beloved Stroms. Thanks!

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Did a search and I think I answered my own question. This topic has been covered ad nauseum.

Let it be a lesson for anyone out there. If you have a question, it has already been answered on this website. Period!

That said, if you would like to offer new insight, please do so.



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I ran my 2009 Wee that way for a 3400 mile ride from Atlanta up to MI and WI last summer.. no worries.

When I got back home I replaced the front TW with an Anakee and I was not impressed. The bike became more sensitive to tar snakes and was quite a bit noisier. I actually liked having the TW up front better than the Anakee.

I am due for a tire change again and this time I think I am going with Battle Wings front and rear.
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