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Rpm's Jumping around

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Hello all,
I have an 2006 dl650 and have done most of the work and maintenance on the bike myself.
I recently have noticed that the rpms in a non loaded condition, are really jumping at like 2000 - 3500 rpms. I can hold the throttle still in my hand and it just does what it wants jumping around. There are 6000 miles on the bike. I have checked the play in the throttle cable, and it is in the range of the manual.

Any suggestions, or is this common.

Thanks in advance.
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My first guess would be a worn or improperly seated throttle boot, letting air sneak by. Aging of the rubber would be accelerated by exposure to harsh weather, but will happen anyway.
Thanks guys, I will look into the Throttle Body sync, as that should be in order anyways.
It should be pretty trivial to check for vacuum leaks at the same time. You might consider doing both at once.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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