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Rpm's Jumping around

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Hello all,
I have an 2006 dl650 and have done most of the work and maintenance on the bike myself.
I recently have noticed that the rpms in a non loaded condition, are really jumping at like 2000 - 3500 rpms. I can hold the throttle still in my hand and it just does what it wants jumping around. There are 6000 miles on the bike. I have checked the play in the throttle cable, and it is in the range of the manual.

Any suggestions, or is this common.

Thanks in advance.
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The sound carries with the tack as well.
Everything seems to run smoother at higher rpms, once over 4k.
I am wondering if their is too much play in the cable, and I measured it wrong. The measuring system the manual states seems there could be some error. Would this be a symptom of too much play in the cable?

Would this be a symptom of a throttle body problem.
Thanks guys, I will look into the Throttle Body sync, as that should be in order anyways.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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