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Taking off on a motorbike is just about the nearest we can get to going walkabout. I recently used the opportunity of needing to raise some sponsorship for a charity I support, to travel around mainland Britain. I kept to the coast road as far as possible and didn't plan any of the route, but just followed my nose and instict with an occasional glance at the map. Each night I started to look for accomodation around 7 pm and stayed in hotels, pubs, B&B (a great British invention) and Youth Hostels. I took a bivvi bag with me just in case but didn't need to use it. As well as all the major landmarks such as Land's End ( a bit tacky but fun) and John O'Groats, I visited Holy Island, the Isle of Skye and Arran. After 8 days riding I met up with a couple of friends at Heysham to catch the ferry over to the Isle of Man for 3 days at the TT races. We arrived just after David Jeffrey had been killed and the mood was a bit subdued. If you haven't been round the TT course on mad Sunday you really ought to try it just once.
Back on the Isle of Wight I had clocked just 3000 miles having had a fantastic time and no problems. We raised about £7000 in sponsorship and this is now being put to good use.
Best bit of the ride? NW Scotland - no question - it's fantastic especially if it doesn't rain (quite rare). But there are some terrific out-of-the-way places all around the coast - you just have to go and look for them.
My bike for this ride was a naked 600 Bandit and it performed just great. Max daily mileage 560 miles and I have to say I was completely knackered when I fell into bed that night. My only regret is that I didn't get the V Strom until later this year but now there's the promise of next spring - now what excuse can I find for the next walkabout?
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