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Just a reminder if it has already been posted from last season:

Once again (since last spring?) MO 79 running south from Hannibal, MO to St. Louis is closed and probably will be for this summer and maybe next.

The roadway slid down the hillside like it did a few years ago, and it was closed for most of a year then. The location is about 20 miles south of Hannibal (I64/US36) near the Ashburn turnoff, and you can't get through unless you want to try one of the few gravel roads. Fortunately for those of us who live north, this is where fun (twisty) part is.

The detour is on US 61 south from Hannibal to Frankford then east on Rt. B to MO 79 where you can continue to Louisiana and south. Or you can take 79 south from Hannibal to the Saverton turnoff, and go west on Rts N, T(south) and V to New London then south on 61 to Frankford. These are all nice scenic hilly/twisty roads similar to 79, so the detour isn't all that much of a waste.
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