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Road 6 question

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Hello, i don't know anything about tires or anything but i'll be ordering my first set of tires soon and had some questions.
i have a 2022 650 xt
i noticed while browsing tires that on revzilla there specifically was a "TL" noted to show that a tire was tubeless. for example: Heidenau K60 Scout Tires | 11% ($30.80) Off! - RevZilla

when looking at road 6's though i don't see that designation. does that mean road 6's are incompatible?
i think the stock rim/tires are a tubeless setup for my bike.
i am planning to find the best price online for the tires then find the best price locally to have them put on.

thanks in advance for the help
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Google Raod 6 are tubeless. You can see the description includes teh word tubeless.

Interesting tires.

Personally I thiunk teh Battlewings that came stock on my Vee2 were exceellent tires for the application.
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i agree, i enjoy the battlewings, but to each their own.
Except for instances, where I ran the tires that were on bikes, when I bought the bikes, I've, always, run Michelin Road / Pilot Road tires. The numbers / designations have changed, through the years, but, as best I know, they were, all, tubeless. That's how I used them, anyhow. :ROFLMAO:
I have a Road 6 on the front of my '09 Wee, it's a brilliant tyre BUT it's 100% road. If you want dirt, and especially mud, capability this is not the tyre for you. If you like to push through the twisty roads on the other hand this is brilliant, wet or dry.
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