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My SO and I went riding last night up near Evergreen, CO (just west of Denver in the mountains).

We had an amazing trip. we saw 4 huge white tail bucks. all were over 10 points and in velvet. I saw a couple black tail doe as well. We saw a heard of about 50 elk. Aside from all the wildlife, the temp in the mountians was perfect and we both realized how much we really love the Strom.
(If you havent already read in my previous threads, my last bike was an 05 cbr600rr)

I'm sure we would not have seen all the wildlife with the cbr since I put a screamingly loud Yoshimura exhaust on it... And on top of that when we got home we both still felt pretty good compared to what it was like going riding on the CBR

oh yeah, lots of practice with emergency braking because of all the wildlife. haha, oh well. we probably only averaged 40 MPH just taking in the scenery.

Just wanted to share the passion! :D
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