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Riding after cancer treatment

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Not sure where to put this thread:

Kind of an odd question, but has anybody had this form of prostate cancer treatment and continued to ride?
Straight question - is it safe to ride while the 91 radiactive seeds are doing their job?

My Doc is saying I can...........but! Apprently the act of straddling something and constant vibration and jostling , be it a horse, bicycle, or m/bike can bugger up the treatment (mine was last week).
I WILL set of alarms if I cross the border. Still have to turn on the light for a midnight pee, I was hoping I would glow in the dark.
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I had a prostatectomy ten years ago, and life is good; annual PSA test results remain undetectable. I know little about brachytherapy, but a cautious approach, at least at first, might be wise.
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