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Riding after cancer treatment

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Not sure where to put this thread:

Kind of an odd question, but has anybody had this form of prostate cancer treatment and continued to ride?
Straight question - is it safe to ride while the 91 radiactive seeds are doing their job?

My Doc is saying I can...........but! Apprently the act of straddling something and constant vibration and jostling , be it a horse, bicycle, or m/bike can bugger up the treatment (mine was last week).
I WILL set of alarms if I cross the border. Still have to turn on the light for a midnight pee, I was hoping I would glow in the dark.
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Had seeds put in a few years back, About two years after, the wife and I were crossing back into the US from New Brunswick into Maine at an obscure crossing up north. The agents, out of boredom probably, had us unpack our bikes, camping load and all for inspection. As we were repacking in the customs parking lot, one of the agents came over and asked if either of us had radiation treatment because they had picked up a reading from us. Amazing since the seeds are pretty much done by well before then. I feel better about anyone trying to smuggle radioactive stuff in after that.
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