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A beautiful day to ride in Central Oregon….. Weather service is talking clear and sunny skies with no threat of thunderstorms. Last Fall I had heard about a road that turned off of Hwy 20 by Foster Lake, called Quatzville Backcountry Byway. This time I was bring Meredith along to share this great day ride.

But first a stop for coffee in Sisters…. Then over the Santiam Pass towards Cascadia and Foster Lake.

Quatzville Backcountry Byway, You ride along portions of the Middle Santiam and through a section of the Santiam Wilderness Area….

Finally connecting with F.S. Rd. 11 then… Straight Creek Rd. to Hwy 22
No traffic or vehicles at all this day.

We had packed a lunch and found a nice spot to stop and eat

You did have to keep an eye on the road surface…

It was a wonderful day to just get out and….

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