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Below you will find our top picks for the textile portion of the REVIT Spring 2012 Gear lineup. REVIT was an absolute monster with their product launch for this season and we think several of these pieces will be staples as we move into 2012 and beyond. We have video reviews on the entire new lineup which can be found by visiting our REV'IT 2012 Gear Videos but below you'll find our reviews of the textile gear.

First is our REVIT Horizon Jacket Review:

REVIT Horizon HV Jacket

Next is our REVIT Spectrum Jacket Review:

REVIT Spectrum HV Jacket

The ladies' version of the Spectrum, the REVIT Indigo Jacket Review:

REVIT Indigo HV Jacket

The replacement of the REV'IT Air Jacket, the brand new REVIT Airwave Jacket Review:

REVIT Airwave Jacket

REVIT Airwave Pants

Also available for women, the REVIT Airwave Ladies Jacket Review:

REVIT Womens Airwave Pants

REVIT Womens Airwave Jacket

A hi-viz version of a staple from last year, the REVIT Tornado HV Jacket Review:

REVIT Tornado HV Jacket


REVIT Spring 2012 Gear Overview
REVIT Tornado HV Jacket Review
REVIT Airwave Jacket Review
REVIT Horizon Jacket Review
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