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I enjoy reading reviews. It takes up some of my "free" time not that I am retired. I remember a movie reviewer, who wrote for one of Albany, New York papers, that panned about every movie I enjoyed. The same might be true for motorcycle reviewers.
I think that people put too much faith in reviews of all kinds. Ever go out to eat at a place that got a great review and you found it much less appealing?
I think the best reviews are people you run into, on the road, who actually own the bike and have ridden it for a few thousand miles. I "chat" with people, as I ride all over the U.S. and ask them how they like their rides. I have had some interesting comments by a variety of bike owners.
Like you...I DO read the reviews on almost every bike that comes out...but still want to talk to someone that owns the new 1000.
I sat on one at the NYC bike show. Nice bike...but no substitute for actually riding it.
A trip though Spain...or nice to read about but no substitute for "the real thing."
Enjoy the superbowl.
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