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Not sure if this should be in the Teiz section. Mods feel free to move it if you'd like to...

After three years of jackets and pants of many kinds, this is my first one-piece. And I'm loving it! My previous clothing has been from both Held, Spidi, Firstgear and other renowned manufacturers. The v.4 Lombard is by far the most comfortable pice of gear I've used. Fits true to size (L in my case). I feel very well protected in this suit, and the elbow- and knee/shin armour is the best fitting I've come across. As I understand, the latest version of the suit uses even better fabrics than the one I have. The removable, waterproof liner was taken out ASAP, as I prefer to wear a rainsuit over the Lombard. The thermal liner is good, and has enabled me to start the riding season a month sooner than normal here in cold Norway. Temps of +2 celcius is no problem at all (except for my hands), and neither is +20 with the excellent venting in this suit. For the money, you'd be hard pressed to find something more priceworthy than this!

What do I miss: The suit only has two pockets (+ one on the arm that's good for nothing). That's too little in my opinion, and a couple of thigh pockets would make a great suit even better. Yes, there are access zippers to your pant pockets. But when touring, I prefer not to wear regular pants underneath. But what about the huge back pocket? It's no good, as you'll have to take the suit off to access it, and carrying anyhing of some bulk or weight there would pull the suit back and against your neck, making for discomfort. I see no practical application for it in everyday riding. Also, the rubber on the butt either needs to be dropped or enlarged. The smallish strip gives me slight pressure points where the rubber and fabric meet, but that's a minor annoyance. The back protector is decent, and better than many of the ones that came with my previous jackets. But it should be lengthend to extend lower down the back. It doesn't cover enough as it is. I've replaced mine with a SAS-Tech level II plate, that I trimmed to fit in the suit, for some added protection over the stock level I protector.

When this suit is worn out, or a larger stack of cash appears, I'll be ordering the PowerShell. It adresses almost all my minor complaints about the Lombard, and uses top-of-the line fabrics and protectors. And I'll never go back to jacket and pants. The suit is both more secure (IMO) and easier to put on and take off with it's clever zipper system. :thumbup:
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